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Hayssen-Mini VFFS Bagger

The Hayssen Mini is a modern vertical packaging machine that offers the traditional proven performance, quality, and robustness of the Hayssen brand with flexibility, reliability, and ease of use. Its overall design specifically addresses the need for eco-friendly paper packaging and on-line high-resolution color printing in a compact footprint.

  • Easy to maintain simple modular design internal lighting, programmable automatic lubrication system
  • AB Compact GuardLogix PLC with AB Kinetic Servo and PowerFlex Drives
  • Rugged design, minimal parts, proven self-sealing technologies
  • Compatible with a variety of feeding systems; scales, auger’s, counters, etc.
  • Remote electrical cabinet allows flexibility in accommodating site layouts
  • Optimized design for paper and sustainable film structures
  • Compact machine – 52″ height (1320mm) height that fits into a variety of layouts
  • High speed, full color Hewlett-Packard paper printing technology
  • Ergonomic and easy to operate, intuitive HMI with on screen assistance
  • Easy to change over – toolless format changes, easy film threading, recipe driven settings, powered actuators

Machine Features

  • Integrated HP FI1000 print head eliminates need for preprinted films or separate labeling
  • Center driven powered film real unwind
  • Remote Mount Electrical Cabinet
  • Manual splice table with splice detect
  • Motorized film auto tracking
  • Motorized forming tube backstop
  • Interior module lighting with maintenance viewing windows
  • Product in jaw detect
  • Strip pack / chain bag feature

Max Bag Size:

5.5″ (140mm) x 5.5″ (140mm)


Up to 90 bpm

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