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Why Get an Ergonomic Workstation?
In modern packaging workplace environments, it is not uncommon to find someone regularly performing a monotonous job that requires them to repeatedly bend or stretch in the same way. Doing this same thing for a long time can lead workers to suffer from backaches and different types of joint pains, and this will eventually affect their effectiveness because they will not be able to easily and freely work. However, with innovations in the ways that we can design packaging workstations, it is now possible to create workstations that can prevent all these negatives. Engineered workstations create a risk-free environment intended to ease the amount of movement and straining required during a job and allow workers to avoid potential injuries. They also provide quick and easy access to all the supplies that a worker is going to need all-around one central area, which greatly helps improve efficiency and cuts out any confusion and unnecessary movement. These types of ergonomic packaging workstations are a major focus of the company DEHNCO, and they have been working on designing productive ways to organize work materials to help improve businesses’ production everywhere.

Example Workstation
 As seen in this example of a DEHNCO designed workstation, everything is placed in areas where they can be the most easily accessed and with minimal strain. As the items come in, they lead directly to a table with all the packaging supplies that you would need, instead of making you walk around between different stations. The boxes are on a shelf that is raised off the floor to a level where you would not have to bend over and hurt your back, and any excess boxes that do not fit in the bottom are placed in a higher shelf that allows you to reach up and grab them without hurting any joints. The monitor is attached to a leg of the shelving so that it does not clutter your workspace but remains very visible and reachable, and the packaging tape is positioned in an obvious spot where it can be comfortably used. DEHNCO also has numerous other features that can improve a company’s efficiency based on what they need in each workstation, such as models with access to rolls of bubble wrap or paper and models with extra shelving. All these options assist in making a workstation accessible, efficient, aesthetically pleasing, and, most importantly, healthy for its users.

Closer Look at the Ergonomic Computer Stand

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