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Have a Need for Speed?

Automatically tape up to 9,600 MORE boxes per week! The e-commerce industry is thriving and shows no…

3M Cubitron II Fiber Discs

Excessive manual labor can be a costly contributor to inefficiencies and increased operational costs.  For one of the largest manufacturers of paving equipment in the world, the 3M Cubitron sanding discs helped them meet their manufacturing challenges head on! Current...

PakSouth in Atlanta

PakSouth has been providing packaging and industrial solutions in the Atlanta market from our Norcross facility for the past three years. Our rapid growth in Atlanta can be attributed to our passion to help our customers and the outstanding business climate in the...

Working and Living in Charleston SC

Charleston SC is not only the home to a new facility for PakSouth it’s a wonderful place to live and a true outdoorsmen’s paradise. Birthday’s, Anniversary’s, Holidays, social and work schedules often revolve around the sportsman’s calendar. The waters and fields of...

3M Cut Production Costs

3M just released a new silver cut-off wheel designed for the quick, efficient cutting of metal pipes, tubes, flat sheets, and more. While the product has competitive upfront costs, the durability and quick cutting will save your company money in the long run because...

Big Fish Award

We celebrated a tremendous year of growth at PakSouth in 2017. Thanks to the incredible work by our team of employee’s, the support of our customer partners, and one especially successful packaging professional. Dana Hamrick, is our 2017 “Big Fish” award recipient for...

The Customer Unboxing Experience

Unboxing videos are increasingly growing in popularity on YouTube.  They shine light on the importance of packaging and highlight key differences between efficient and poor packaging that directly influences the amount of value the consumer feels from the brand. ...

Right-Sizing Your Package

Businesses are maneuvering through the harsh, unforgiving waters of the parcel delivery world as demand is constantly increasing and the lack of truck drivers creates more time for your box to be shipped. With the growth of Ecommerce, delivery services such as FedEx...

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Floor & Safety Marking By PakSouth & 3M

Have a need for an effective floor marking tape? 3M and Paksouth have three different kinds of tape that will offer the flexibility you need and durability you can depend on.Wasting your time and money with paint is a thing of the past with our tapes. With 3M’s tape,...

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Get Your Packaging Automation Fix

No matter what industry you and your company are in, packing goods quickly, efficiently and securely should be your top priority. Combi Packaging Creates end-of-the-line packaging systems that puts products in the hands of the consumers. The products not only boost...

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Recycled Boxes and Tapes

There have been lots of changes to the typical corrugated boxes! Recycled Content is something that is becoming very popular! More than 90% of all corrugated boxes are now recovered for recycling. Corrugated boxes now have more than 40% of recycled content as well....

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